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Crypto Payment Gateway.

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A Decentralized Crypto Wallet.

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Why You Choosing Metapex Token?

This cryptocurrency based on BEP20 protocol of Binance Smart Chain can be used in all walks of life. This is the real purpose of MTPX.

The list of financial benefits MTPX TOKEN offers is not limited to decentralized scalability, safe & speedy transactions, worldwide transactions at low rates, hack-proof cryptographic security, zero chargeback, access & mobility, no mediation, cryptocurrency payment gateway, a decentralized wallet & vault, forex trading services, blockchain technology.

Our objective is to add value to the financial experiences of our user base. This is why MTPX TOKEN is one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in.


How It All Started


Decided to develop a cryptocurrency named MTPX TOKEN.



Developed a physical community.


Launched out whitepaper.



Launching ICO for token sale in three different phases.


Beginning of MTPX TOKEN’s trading on exchange.



Pairing of MTPX TOKEN with USD to ensure forex trading.

bnb / usd
Market Cap Rank: #5
Market Cap: $46819940544
24H Volume: $534886254
24H High/Low: $288.54/$284.95

meet our team

Our Motivated Team

William Noah

Managing Director

Sofia Rose

UI/UX Designer

Michael Roy

Blockchain Expert

Sylvia Myntle

Web Developer


You Have Questions?

What is MTPX?

MTPX is a decentralized multi-utility cryptocurrency based on BEP20 protocol of Binance Smartchain

What is the strategy devised to ensure hassle-free growth of MTPX TOKEN?

It is paramount for cryptocurrencies to have a strong base to rule the market. This could be possible only when the following points are implemented practically and with proper strategy:


Even the most priceless things in the world become useless if they cannot be utilized anywhere. The circulation of any cryptocurrency does not reach the next level if it cannot be utilized on multiple platforms. Meaning, cryptocurrencies should be multi-utility and users must be able to use them according to their need and in any domain.


Circulation of any cryptocurrency depends on utilization. Circulation of any cryptocurrency does not reach the next level if it is not utilized on multiple platforms. Effective implementation of strategy devised for utilization ensures increase in the circulation of cryptocurrency.

Demand & Supply:

This is the most basic rule of economics. Increase in the utilization of anything ensures automatic increase in circulation. This is where the concept of increase in demand & limited supply plays its part to increase the price of any cryptocurrency. All of these three rules of economics complement each other and affect the MTPX TOKEN as well.

What is the roadmap of MTPX TOKEN?

Please refer to the ROADMAP section available on our website. You can even download our WHITEPAPER for seeking detailed answer to your question.

How do I contact the MTPX support team?

For customer support or user feedback, shoot us an email at contact@metapex.trade

Our team will do their best to get back to you with an informative and satisfactory answer to your question.